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Established in 1987 as Royal College - Class of ’72, being possibly the batch which consists of the largest membership boasting over 800, have contributed immensely towards the betterment of Alma Mater in many ways.

Forming a strong bond between those who are in Sri Lanka and forming a bridge with those who are abroad, Royal College Class of 72 has been one single family since childhood.

With many of the members taking the lead in Government and Private sector and bringing in merit to the Class of 72, more and more efforts are being made to get involved in Community Development Projects and Social Welfare Activities with the support of the International Community of Class of 72, where many of the overseas members play a leading role from many parts of the world.

The incredible bond and unity the Class of ’72 displays , irrespective of Race, Religion, Cast or Creed is something unique and laudable.

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