President's Message

Dear Members, Past Presidents and colleagues of Class of ’72,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation, for placing your trust on me. This is indeed a great honor bestowed on me, and I promise to do my very best to uphold the traditions and the purpose of this group with utmost sincerity.

My dear friends, It is 30 years, since the inception of Royal College Class of 72 which started in 1987. This group has been led by dynamic leaders from Royal College who are holding high positions in society. They served tirelessly to keep this group intact, gave us valuable advice, and added strength and courage, for us to be the most prestigious group our College has ever produced. I take this opportunity to thank all Past Presidents who kept the flag flying high, at all times

In the year 2017/18, most of will be reaching the mile stone year of 60.

The mere getting together frequently has made many things happen. We have helped our class mates in every possible way, just by passing the information to those who could help. Businessmen gave money, doctors helped with treating them in their hospitals, Lawyers helped the batchmates free of charge, in litigation (and also in divorces), Engineers helped in our contribution for school buildings, and even Undertakers helped us to find time slots when the cremation chamber was over booked. It’s the spirit of Royal, which webbed us a family, to help and to be helped.

Gentlemen, Class of 72 has done a lot of social work to the community. We have built Vocational training centers, Sports centers, provided Safe drinking water for schools in risk areas. Every year, we donate school bags and equipment to those who come to Royal college after scoring high in Year 5 exams. Most of them are from village schools and the smile in their face after receiving the bags is priceless. When we donated cataract lenses for 50 - old people, I was in tears, when they thanked us with their trembling hands.

People are surprised to hear that we – school mates-meet every month. We feel young, even at 60, when we are with our class mates. That’s a fact.

My dear friends, my first priority as your President is - Finding our classmates with whom, we are not in touch. Of the 800 classmates, the largest in Royal college history, we have only 300 who are in our database. We have also lost the contact details of those who have changed the telephone numbers or the email.

Dear Friends, we need your support in reconnecting with these “non contactable” class mates. We also need your support to give us the information about our classmates who need our support - medical, professional or just to hold hands when they are in need or difficulty. We will search and reconnect with them in the coming years, doubling up the active numbers in 2018.

We will continue give priority to our members who face difficulties in life, seeking medical assistance or professional assistance. Immediate past president Susantha has launched the Medical insurance for all those who have registered in March 2017. We will expand this to more members in the coming months.

Our second priority is to keep the ongoing events that take place every year, help the school, help the community, and not forgetting to raise funds which enable us to achieve these goals.

Our third priority- is to make sure that our class mates meet frequently and have good fun and laughter. We all will be 60 years soon. Possibly, being in our last decade of active life, keeping our classmates, “spiritually happy and healthy” is very important. Therefore, we are planning many “religious and spiritual” events and few – “purely” spiritual events.

Dear Friends, Your suggestions and guidance are welcome. It is your ideas and suggestions which has made this group so great. I, together with my committee will assure you of smooth functioning of events in the year to come.

Finally and most importantly I would like to thank all my classmates who have stood together - argued, fought, stormed and normed and drowned every dispute in a very very spiritual way.

Guys! You are all one great bunch and I am honored to be one of you.

Thank you guys, Lets have a great year.

Thank you.

Dr. M. Ramasubbu - President Royal Class of 72 (2017/2018)

Past Presidents and Secretaries
1987/88Edirisinghe JanakaWalpita Ananda RajivDe Mel Rasika Joseph NirajCommitee
1988/89Perera. Nawagamuwage Hillary SheanThenabadu Punyajith AnandaDe Mel Rasika Joseph NirajCommitee
1989/92Walpita Ananda RajivSuby RiadDe Mel Rasika Joseph NirajCommitee
1992/95Thenabadu Punyajith AnandaGuruge SumithRizan NazeerCommitee
1995/96Suby RiadRizan NazeerNirmal De SilvaCommitee
1996/97De Mel Rasika Joseph NirajAmaratunga Jehan PrasannaSomasundaram SureshCommitee
1997/98Rizan NazeerAbeyratne Anil VasanthaAbeyratne Anil VasanthaCommitee
1998/99Amaratunga Jehan PrasannaPhillips Dinal Mario RexAmaratunga Jehan PrasannaCommitee
1999/00Weerasinghe Asanga ViswajithTheagarajah RajendraSiriwardene Dhammika Dias WickramaratneCommitee
2000/01Fernando MayuraKulatunge Upul.P.Pitipana Padmasiri GaminiCommitee
2001/02Phillips Dinal Mario RexSiriwardana Vikum.A. ColonelSomasundaram SureshCommitee
2002/03Pitipana Padmasiri GaminiChandrasekera Mahesh PrasanthaWeerasekera KamilCommitee
2003/04Siriwardene Dhammika Dias WickramaratneChandrasekera Mahesh PrasanthaSomasunderam ShankerCommitee
2004/05Siriwardana Vikum.A. ColonelWeerabahu SisiraSomasunderam ShankerCommitee
2005/06Weerasekera KamilSomasunderam ShankerShums Ahamed KarimCommitee
2006/07Chandrasekera Mahesh PrasanthaWickrama W.D.Anil.GGaneshan TCommitee
2007/08Guruge SumithDe Silva Saman ChandrakumarKarunaratne SusanthaCommitee
2008/09Somasunderam ShankerDe Silva Saman ChandrakumarGaneshan TCommitee
2009/10De Silva Saman ChandrakumarJayawardena Joseph KithsiriWakwella Sriyantha PremalalCommitee
2010/11Fajudeen Mohamed MirzaDr. S.G.M. RamasubbuWakwella Sriyantha PremalalCommitee
2011/12Ganeshan TWakwella Sriyantha PremalalMansoor AzadCommitee
2012/13Jayawardena Joseph KithsiriWakwella Sriyantha PremalalLokuhetty Anura SamarawickremaCommitee
2013/14Wickrama W.D.Anil.GAmeen M. AmjadDAI PATHMANADANCommitee
2014/15Theagarajah RajendraAmeen M. AmjadPathmanathan Dayanand .(Dai)Commitee
2015/16Wakwella Sriyantha PremalalWijemanne Dhanaraj P.Mansoor AzadCommitee
2016/17Susantha Karunaratne.Wijemanne Dhanaraj P.Mr. Sutheash BalasubramaniamCommitee
2017/18Dr. S.G.M. RamasubbuAmeen M. AmjadPathmanathan Dayanand .(Dai)Commitee
2018/19Mansoor AzadWijemanne Dhanaraj P.Amarasinha Athula D.Commitee

Past Presidents

Edirisinghe Janaka
Perera. Nawagamuwage Hillary Shean
Walpita Ananda Rajiv
Thenabadu Punyajith Ananda
Suby Riad
De Mel Rasika Joseph Niraj
Rizan Nazeer
Amaratunga Jehan Prasanna
Weerasinghe Asanga Viswajith
Fernando Mayura
Phillips Dinal Mario Rex
Pitipana Padmasiri Gamini
Siriwardene Dhammika Dias Wickramaratne
Siriwardana Vikum.A. Colonel
Weerasekera Kamil
Chandrasekera Mahesh Prasantha
Guruge Sumith
Somasunderam Shanker
De Silva Saman Chandrakumar
Fajudeen Mohamed Mirza
Ganeshan T
Jayawardena Joseph Kithsiri
Wickrama W.D.Anil.G
Theagarajah Rajendra
Wakwella Sriyantha Premalal
Susantha Karunaratne.
Dr. S.G.M. Ramasubbu
Mansoor Azad