Principal's Message

It gives me much pleasure to send this message for transmission through the web site launched by the Royal College class of '72 on 10 March 2006. The Class of '72, individually and collectively have been consistent in assisting their alma mater in her hour of need and continue to do sowhenever required, In this context, I am aware that among their successfullycompleted projects were the provision of a chlorinator for our swimming pool, financing the entire cost of the squash courts at our Sports Complex, the conducting of regular Leadership Development programmes for our Senior Prefects and the installing and equipping of the initial computer center of the College. The Class of '72 have kept up with the times by launching their own web site because easy and swift communication is the need of the hour and the key to progress. With this web site they will be able to keep in touch with their colleagues both here and world wide for the mutual benefit of one another and for that of the College they love so much.
I wish the Class of '72 outstanding success in all their endeavours

Upali Gunasekera (Principal, Royal College)

School History Background

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Mr. Viji Weerasinghe's Message

Having taken much pleasure and pride to see the Class of '72, growing from boyhood throughadolescence and thence to man's state, I am indeed happy that they have not forgotten me (it is my experience that teachers are often taken for granted!) and have asked me for a message on the occasion of the launching of their web site.

Whatever success I may have achieved during my 46-year career as a teacher and later as an administrator at Royal was perhaps because I never forgot my own school days at College and also because I was occasionally a little deaf and a little blind and I am quite certain that at least some members of the Class of '72 had good reason to be thankful for these infirmities!! This is my message to all Royalists past, present and future do what you will but do not do anything that would tarnish the lustre and glory of the Best School of All (which is Royal despite the claim of Trinity!). I wish the Class of '72 closer and more fruitful contact through their web site andeach and every one of them all the happiness, good health and successthey could possibly wish for themselves.


Viji Weerasinghe


Student, Royal Preparatary School - 1933 to 1938
Student, Royal College - 1939 to 1947

Teacher/Headmaster/Deputy Principal,
Royal College

- 1950 to 1997
Advisor, Royal College Union - 1998 to 2007

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