Somasunderam Shanker
NameShanker Somasunderam
ProfessionCharted Management Accountant
CompanySS equity holdings Pvt. Ltd.
Office Address20/1, Pediris Road, Colombo 3
Office Tel No+94777222000
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Home Address20, Pediris Road, Colombo 3
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Presidents Message

My Dearest Colleagues of Class of ’72,

It is indeed a privilege to have this opportunity of addressing my dearest friends of Class of ’72, not only in my capacity as its President but also as a school mate who mingled with all of you since my childhood as a tiny tot.

We have come a long way since 1987 as Class of ’72, where the results of all the efforts made by our successors who gave life to Class of ’72 and those who brought it up throughout the years to what it is now, is clearly seen and appreciated not only among our batch mates but by the entire fraternity of Royalists, past and present.

We are proud and happy to say that, being possibly the batch which consists of the largest membership boasting over 800, have contributed immensely towards the betterment of our Alma Mater in many ways and we pledge that it will be continued during my tenure as the President too, to the best of our abilities.

We will also make every effort to get involved in Community Development Projects and Social Welfare Activities with the support of the International Community where our own batch mates play a leading role in many parts of the world.

The incredible bond and unity we all have as Class of ’72, irrespective of Race, Religion, Cast or Creed, which is something unique, will undoubtedly beckon us to reach to much greater heights beyond all our expectations.

Thank you ever so much dearest friends, let’s rally round Class of ’72 and march forward.

It is your strength that matters… It is your support that matters…. I need you all to make our dreams come true..!!!!

Thank you

Shanker Somasunderam - President Royal Class of 72 (2008/2009)